Vsevolod Suschevskiy

Please call me Seva; here is my CV.

In general, I like what Computational Social Science is, especially inferring human behaviour either with Agent-Based Modeling and/or digital experiments (virtual labs, maybe), where social structure might be represented as a network.

In Summer 2022, I started being a Technology and Social Behaviour at Northwestern University Grad Student and a research assistant at SONIC. I will be working on human-AI interactions.

Before that, I worked as a research assistant at Universitetet i Bergen. Together with Mohammad Khalil at SLATE, we created CERES – a custom build digital lab for experiments. We even published a paper about the first iteration, but we also managed to launch and analyze a pilot experiment with real students. Furthermore, we worked on analyzing classroom intervention with mixed models and SEMs. (one day it will be published)

Also, I was a moderate Computer’ish Science student at HSE University. My scientific adviser is Ilya Musabirov, and my thesis will explore the effect of motivation and social influence in Citizen Science with the help of conjoint analysis, a.k.a. wiki survey. project github

Lastly, but not for the amount of time it required, I worked as (1) an invited co-lecturer at Data Science minor at the same HSE University. The course was mostly a mix of CSS and intro to data science for non-STEM students, so we are talking about tidyverse, tidymodels, and shiny. In addition, (2) an invited lecturer for a graduate-level course – Into to Small Data Science for Political Science students. And (3) an invited co-lecturer for a Data Visualization course with Anastasia Kuznetsova at European University at St. Petersburg. (At some point, some materials will be available at courses)